stae-sa  animal and conservation program is a very busy program and which allows both volunteers and interns to have direct contact with animals.

The project is 45 minutes drive from Johannesburg. This program is in two folds: The wildlife program and the maintenance program. Participants work with locally trained volunteers on wildlife management program and Maintenance program.


Activities at the wildlife/game farm include: working with wild cats. The program also offer opportunities with varied animals such as reptiles, raptors, parrots and primates.

Unqualified volunteers will assist in cleaning of enclosures and facility, food preparation and enrichment. Please note that it is with consistency and dedication on behalf of the volunteer, that will be rewarded with more responsible and hands on involvement in animal care.

Students and post graduates will assist staff in all aspects of  animal husbandry including health and hygiene, housing, diet, enrichment, hand rearing and veterinary care.
Over and above this they will also participate in educational programs and conservation projects. An unforgettable learning experience.

The program includes 3 to 4 days sightseeing.  Free game drive(safari) to spot the big five.

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